Active Ingredient- radioactive RADIUM

This 39-page booklet from 1931 gives glowing claims to the healing and restorative powers of a medicine called "ARIUM- Radium in Tablets". It is described as "The Substance of the Sun". This remarkable product would cure just about anything- Goitre (sic), Rheumatism, blood disorders (especially watery blood), kidney, bladder and liver disorders as well as help correct poor circulation, stimulate mentality. retard signs of age. Improve the appearance and "Prolong the Vigorous Enjoyment of Life by a Marvelous and Mysterious Revitalizing Process".

This fine product was produced by the Associated Radium Chemists in Baltimore. They mention no other ingredients except Radium. The radioactivity of the radium circulating around your body was supposed to make the miraculous cures. If you had a moment of doubt about the safety of this "world's most expensive substance", on page 8 you are assured that the "American Medical association... has already accepted radium as an internal therapeutic remedy and details a number of conditions in which radium is indicated".

Besides the Arium pills, the radium company made four other radium preparations under different names for the skin, hair, and other assorted uses, all covered at the end of this booklet. No prices are given for these miracle cures.