Manifestation anti-Trident à Plymouth
le 5 février 2002

HMS Vanguard a trident class nuclear submarine arrived in Plymouth, in a blaze of media glory for a long overdue refit, circled by an impregnable ring of police boats. Hundreds of anti-nuclear protesters had travelled from across the country to demonstrate at her arrival. The demo marched around the dockyards, then sat down at the dockyard's gates and observed a moment of silence. The march then finished peacefully and dispersed, but six Trident Ploughshares protestors who stayed behind to block one of the gates were arrested for obstruction.

Numerous times before we have seen that when people feel strongly enough about something, they can make a difference. Those people may have gone away having made connections that will change their own lives and help to create a better future. The protest came just a week before the planned Big Blockade at the Trident submaring base is Faslane.
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